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PRP Pain From Head-to-Toe: Research Update

Samuel G Oltman, ND, RMSK

The research for platelet rich plasma (PRP) continues to accumulate and the evidence is beginning to displace the old, drug-based ways we treat pain. There are conditions like knee osteoarthritis and tennis elbow that have a lot of positive research results for PRP but other conditions have less. The more we see published and the more I practice using this medicine, the more clear it becomes that PRP is beneficial for painful conditions from head to toe, all over the body.

PRP pain

*Note that every study cited here was published within the last year. This is the most recent and updated data on this cutting-edge therapy.

The evidence will continue to accumulate and we will continue to fine tune our practice to stay on the most cutting-edge protocols and practices in regenerative medicine. That is why we specialize in PRP: to provide you the best possible care, with the highest level of precision, using the most concentrated PRP. Do not see a provider who does PRP "on the side"-- see an expert. Schedule a consult today and see the difference at Cascade Regenerative Medicine.



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