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Holistic Foot & Ankle Care: Restore Your Natural Alignment and Strength in Portland, Oregon

Natural foot health, foot pain treatment without surgery
Dr. Oltman Foot Health

What is Natural Foot Health?

Utilizing alignment and strength, the natural and intrinsic ability of the foot to support itself can help all types of foot pain. Through the use of education, exercises, footwear changes, and/or injection therapies, the natural foot health approach is the best way to avoid surgery and eliminate foot pain without drugs.


Our feet are made to support themselves. Cascade Regenerative Medicine has the expertise to improve any person's foot health.

  • Big Toe Position: Using Correct Toes to align the big toe and improve intrinsic support is key. This is how the human foot is shaped and it’s crucial for arch support. 

  • Footwear: Conventional footwear distorts the alignment of the foot and weakens the muscles. Wide toe-box, flat, and flexible shoes are best for most people (yes, with as much cushion as needed). 

  • Strength: Arches are very strong and your foot has 3 of them. Muscular strength is also crucial and cannot be achieved if they are rarely used or challenged. 

Dr. Oltman has developed a specialty in foot & ankle health over the last 6+ years working with pioneer and world-renowned podiatrist Ray McClanahan, DPM. Dr. Oltman has seen hundreds of patients with foot & ankle pain that has resolved with an individualized combination of the Natural Foot Health approach and regenerative injection therapy. Most patients are astounded at the results and confused why it is not more widely practiced.

Do not allow foot pain to slow you down. Surgery may not be the right solution for you and there is another way. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Oltman today to find out what your individualized plan will be. 

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