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About The Clinic

Dr. Oltman Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Expert, PRP
Cascade Regenerative Medicine Staff

Cascade Regenerative Medicine

Cascade Regenerative Medicine was established in 2023 by Dr. Samuel G Oltman, ND, RMSK. Cascade Regenerative Medicine’s mission is simple: provide the highest level of non-surgical orthopedic care possible through the use of orthopedic ultrasound, regenerative injection therapies, and orthobiologic medicine. Our care fills the large gap that exists between physical therapy and surgery: when physical therapy is not enough and surgery is too much. 

Interventional Orthopedic Medicine is the sole focus of Cascade Regenerative Medicine.  We have structured the entire clinic around the best non-surgical solutions to joint pain, arthritis, and injuries. This is what we do all day, everyday. 


At Cascade Regenerative Medicine every patient receives personal attention, extended 1-on-1 time with the physician, a full explanation of the diagnosis and treatment plan, along with detailed ultrasound imaging and time for questions. Every treatment is image-guided, placing the correct medicine precisely into the right location every time. We listen and know what it’s like to be in pain. Our expertise in ultrasound and injection therapies provide the technical set of tools needed to deliver the highest quality care available. Our attention to detail and compassionate care provide the personalized approach that sets us apart from other healthcare settings. 


The Cascade Regenerative Medicine Difference: 

  • Extended one-on-one time with the doctor 

  • Full ultrasound exam from an RMSK-credentialed expert

  • Detailed explanation of your diagnosis and treatment plan

  • A holistic treatment approach that addresses all of the causes of your pain 

  • Precise, image-guided treatments

  • Nitrous oxide sedation optional with every treatment for increased patient comfort

  • Transparent pricing with zero surprises

  • Discounted supplements for every patient


Cascade Regenerative Medicine Service Discount:

10% off total service fee for active and retired military, law enforcement, fire, nurses, and K12 teachers. 

About The Staff


Jen is our Clinic Manager and Medical Assistant. She has over a decade of experience in a variety of medical settings assisting physicians and providing patient care. She has worked in surgical practices, primary care settings, and regenerative medicine clinics.

Her venipuncture and IV placement skills are unmatched. We have many patients who come to Cascade Regenerative Medicine to only get routine labs drawn because they have so much trust in Jen’s skilled hands. The therapies we do often require blood draws and we are truly experts in the skill. Many people have horror stories about bad blood draws at other clinics but we take it very seriously as part of your overall experience and trust Jen to do it painlessly and efficiently.

She has worked in the regenerative medicine field for over 5 years and is very knowledgeable about the therapies we do and the logistics surrounding them. She adds a level of professionalism that you will not find anywhere else and is an essential part of the Cascade Team. It is yet another example of how Cascade Regenerative Medicine pays attention to every detail and takes your care seriously.

When not caring for patients, Jen enjoys staying active and spending time with her husband and 2 cats. 

Jen PRP Portland
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