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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Oltman and his team are phenomenal. It is rare that you actually feel cared for when seeing a doctor, and that is how I feel each time I leave his office. The PRP treatments in my foot have made a huge difference in the recovery journey. Dr. Oltman offers expertise and high quality PRP injections."
- JC, 43 years old

"I have been getting PRP and stem cell treatments from [Dr. Oltman] since 2019. He saved my knees! I've had amazing pain relief from knee treatment. It's so awesome that I can hike, yoga, weight lift, basically go on about my 60+ year old active lifestyle even though my mother and my siblings had to have knee replacements by the time they were in their 60s. Not me! I highly recommend Cascade Regenerative Medicine!"
- PC, 63 years old

"He impressed me as being honest with expectations and thorough in explanation, defining alternatives while letting me decide without pressure. He is approachable yet professional and careful and accurate in his tx procedures. I had such a pleasant experience, with positive results that I followed him to his new clinic. I highly recommend that those interested in PRP and related treatments seek Dr. Oltman."
- JC, 71 years old

"Several years ago Dr. Sam Oltman used PRP to repair my knee. Looking
at the video image provided by the ultrasound he could see the torn connective tissue and cartilage. In a few months the complete healing of both was visible. From a use perspective, in just a few days, I went from standing only half an hour to being able to stand and work full days. The discomfort of the injury quickly became only a faint memory.
Since then, knowing I was going to do some heavy landscaping, Dr. Oltman has given me a 'tune up' to reinforce the joint cushion in my knees to prevent problems. That worked well.
Wicker Restoration has been my occupation, so my finger joints get a workout. Dr. Oltman said my fingers wouldn't become straight again, but PRP could keep them from getting more worn.  Now even the most tender joints have more cushion so they don't call attention to themselves when I'm working.  A thumb joint labeled 'angry' is healing
and has become less swollen. I can tell they're healing.
It's truly encouraging to recognize I've been given a second chance by God's Grace through Dr. Oltman's knowledge and skill with this technology.
I'm so grateful for the improved quality he's made in my life."
- KM, 75 years old

"Dr. Oltman provides excellent regenerative medicine options. He is gifted in his approach, diagnostics, bedside manner and treatment. I have had multiple sports injuries treated by Dr. Oltman and I know he and his staff will help me follow a successful treatment plan. I highly recommend this clinic."
- HE, 47 years old

"Cascade Regenerative Medicine is an amazing clinic. I had been suffering through knee pain for over a year after hurting my knee training for the Hood to Coast relay race. Dr. Oltman did a great job identifying the issue and walked me through several different treatment plans. We chose Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) therapy, which only required a quick blood draw and then re-injection of the plasma directly at the site of my injury. I recently ran several miles without knee pain, for the first time in over a year... It was unbelievable. Dr. Oltman has given me a new lease on running and just general movement without knee pain. I wish I would have gone to see him sooner."
- ER, 35 years old

"I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Oltman and Jen at Cascade Regenerative! Not only was every issue addressed and discussed in depth, treatment was a breeze. After suffering from chronic migraines for years, I’ve finally had the relief I’ve been looking for. If you haven’t been getting what you need from traditional medicine, this is your spot! Forever grateful for the work you do Dr. Oltman!"
- HR, 34 years old

"Dr. Oltman is so great, he is totally focused on helping you meet your athletic goals whatever they may be. The whole office is super friendly and without judgment. I first went to a traditional orthopedist and was told that since I was a woman over 40 I should just stop running. When I went to Dr. Oltman he listened, respected my goals and got me back running. It’s 2 years after my treatment and I’m running all the miles I want!! I recommend him to anyone who will listen!"
- MD, 55 years old

"Dr. Oltman is the perfect balance of skill, insight and communication. He has helped me tremendously with an ongoing issue with back pain."
- JP, 70 years old

"After a childhood dedicated to competitive sports and years of constant long-distance travel throughout my career, I found myself enduring excruciating back pain. The presence of a herniated disc in my L4/L5 only intensified my suffering, and I felt trapped in a cycle of constant pain. However, in the summer of 2022, I underwent a transformative Stem Cell and PRP treatment administered by the skilled hands of Dr. Oltman.

Remarkably, within the first 60 days following the treatment, I experienced a significant 40% reduction in pain. Encouraged by these initial results, I incorporated a consistent exercise and stretching routine, specifically incorporating yoga into my regimen. As a result, I was able to achieve an astounding 80-90% relief from the debilitating pain that had haunted me for the past 6-7 years.

I am sincerely grateful for Dr. Oltman's exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to helping others find freedom from pain through the use of regenerative medicine. His compassionate care has truly transformed my life, and I am now able to embrace a future devoid of the constant burden of pain."

- BS, 35 years old

"I was treated by Dr. Oltman with Platelet Rich Plasma injections and Prolotherapy, for very persistent foot issues and was amazed at how well these therapies worked for me. I wish I had known about him sooner! Not only is Dr. Oltman knowledgeable and informative, but he's gentle and calm as well. He pinpointed my issues quickly and communicated well about how to solve them. My appointments with him were never rushed as he's very generous with his time. It takes me about an hour to get to his office but it's worth it to see him!"
- JC, 60 years old

"Dr. Oltman performed PRP and Stem Cell injections on n both of my Achilles with tremendous success previously. It literally changed my life which is why I came back for PRP treatment for my elbow and shoulder. He is a great balance of professional and personable. If you’ve been thinking about this type of treatment, stop thinking and get it done. It works and there is nobody better to perform it than Dr Oltman."
- JW, 49 years old

"Dr. Oltman has been treating my back issues for the past three years. Couldn't ask for a better doc or treatment."
- CR, 50 year old

"I had hip pain off and on for a couple of years. I saw Dr. Oltman and he treated my hip with PRP and it has been better ever since and I have been able to continue doing all of my activities. It was an easy and educational experience!"
- SJ, 34 years old

Video Testimonials Coming Soon!

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