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About Pricing

Our Financial Policy

The financial model at Cascade Regenerative Medicine is based on value, integrity, and transparency. 


We do not bill insurance and Dr. Oltman is an out-of-network provider.

You will be provided a “superbill” for each visit that you are encouraged to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement but we cannot guarantee any level of payment from your insurance company. 

HSA/FSA accounts can be used to pay for all of our services as well. 

We can work with any of your other insurance-based providers for referrals and/or testing. 

All service fees are due at the time of service and we do not offer payment plans. 



It is our belief at Cascade Regenerative Medicine that healthcare is best delivered in a direct and transparent manner. This elevates the care that is delivered and creates a simpler, patient-centered experience where you are the focus-- not your insurance provider or a generic algorithm. 

We all need healthcare insurance. It is necessary for big medical events that are inherently unpredictable. However, insurance company's incentives are not aligned with patient or provider incentives and this results in highly inefficient and often ineffective care that leaves most patients and doctors frustrated. The mechanics of healthcare insurance are built around reducing expenditure at the population level– not around helping the individual. 

Cascade Regenerative Medicine is 100% built to serve the individual and provide high quality, high value, personal-attention-centered care. When you pay out-of-pocket to see Dr. Oltman, you get what you pay for

  • 1+ hour with the doctor at your first visit. 

  • 30-45 minute follow up appointments.

  • Access to treatments that aren’t covered by insurance. 

  • Transparent pricing with no surprise bills, ever. 

  • An entire healthcare experience revolving around YOU. 

By cutting out the middleman, we are able to do what’s right for you in that moment: Need imaging? No problem. Treatment same day as your first visit? Easy. Time to ask questions and tell your story? Of course. 

We understand that spending money, even on your health, is not an easy decision. This is why you will never be surprised by a bill or expense from us. You will always know the exact cost of each treatment prior to deciding and given the time and opportunity to integrate this information into your decision. 

We take a different route with payment at Cascade Regenerative Medicine. We strongly believe our patient care is elevated significantly due to this choice and we believe you will see the difference immediately as a patient. Schedule today and see for yourself what direct, personalized healthcare looks like.

Price Estimates

In the name of transparency and convenience, we post our prices publicly. The below figures are reliable approximations. Dr. Oltman will review the exact pricing for you and your individualized treatment plan prior to any service. All the figures below refer to complete treatments of each area, not "per injection". 


  • New Patient Visit (1 hour including detailed Ultrasound exam): $350

  • Low-Cost Prolotherapy

    • For increased access to regenerative medicine. When referred by their provider, in-need patients are offered the same time and care as every other patient with access to ultrasound evaluation, prolotherapy, and/or perineural injections (no orthobiologics) for a deep discount that we hope makes this medicine more widely available. The criteria for "in-need" is the same criteria for medicaid eligibility, 133% of the federal poverty level (we do not bill medicaid and the cost of treatment is due at the time of service). 

      • New Patient Visit: $100​

      • Treatments: $75 

Cascade Regenerative Medicine Pricing
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