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Achieve Optimal Health with Cutting-Edge Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine in Portland, Oregon

Non-Surgical Solutions
Joint Pain, Arthritis, & Injuries
In Portland, Oregon

Cascade Regenerative Medicine provides the highest possible level of non-surgical orthopedic care through the use of ultrasound diagnostics, injection therapies, and orthobiologic medicine. Our care fills the large gap that exists between physical therapy and surgery: when physical therapy is not enough and surgery is too much. Our expertise in ultrasound and injection therapies provide the technical set of tools needed to deliver the highest quality care available. Our attention to detail and compassionate care provide the personalized approach that sets us apart from other healthcare settings.

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"Dr. Oltman performed PRP and Stem Cell injections on both of my Achilles with tremendous success... He is a great balance of professional and personable. If you’ve been thinking about this type of treatment, stop thinking and get it done. It works and there is nobody better to perform it than Dr. Oltman."

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