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The Intersection of Regenerative Medicine, Orthopedic Ultrasound, and Foot Health

Samuel G Oltman, ND, RMSK

Cascade Regenerative Medicine is uniquely positioned at the intersection of several cutting-edge medical niches: Regenerative Medicine, Natural Foot Health, and Orthopedic Ultrasound. There is no place in the country better equipped to provide you PRP & MFAT treatments for the foot and ankle and set you up for life long movement.

foot regenerative medicine

Doctors who specialize in regenerative medicine and orthobiologics (PRP & MFAT) do not have the expertise or experience in foot and ankle conditions that we have. The majority will still be using the outdated and incoherent model of orthotics, constrictive shoes, and progressive weakening of the feet. This is why with even the fanciest injections, patients don’t get better. Most doctors in regenerative medicine also do not have their RMSK certification and have only cursory experience in ultrasound imaging. 

Providers who have ultrasound expertise will not have the expertise in regenerative medicine procedures for the foot and ankle that we have. And again, will not possess a sensible, health-promoting approach for foot health

Practitioners who know their stuff in terms of foot and ankle health either aren’t licensed to inject at all, or will not have the depth of experience in utilizing regenerative injection therapies. Most will not have any experience in ultrasound either. 

That leaves Cascade Regenerative Medicine standing alone as the premier provider of PRP & MFAT for the foot and ankle. We have years of experience utilizing PRP & MFAT. We have top-level expertise in orthopedic ultrasound imaging and ultrasound guided procedures. We have in-depth knowledge and patient experience with a natural foot health approach that promotes alignment and strength. 

Without any one of these areas, your care will be subpar. They are the three legs of a stool that supports your foot health over the long term and promotes healing.

If you need solutions for your foot and ankle problems that are non-surgical and on the cutting-edge of medicine, look no further. Schedule a visit today at Cascade Regenerative Medicine. 


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