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Ketamine Infusion: Another Tool For Chronic Pain Relief

Ketamine Infusion

What Is A Ketamine Infusion?

Chronic pain is both a cause and effect of a dysfunctional nervous system that can be improved with a course of Ketamine IV Infusions. 


Ketamine is an old drug with a very good safety profile. It was originally used in general anesthesia but at lower doses has beneficial effects for chronic pain and depression. Ketamine promotes positive changes in the brain via “neuroplasticity” that allow for new patterns to be developed. 


Ketamine infusions create a mild alteration in consciousness that can be dissociative and/or pseudo-psychedelic. This state tends to be very pleasant. You are safe, under close observation, and put in the best set and setting possible. 


The immediate effect is a “pain vacation” where the Ketamine itself reduces the feelings of pain/tension/discomfort in your body. There is usually a tail effect that lasts the rest of the day. As the IVs are done repetitively, the period of benefit after the IV lasts longer and longer, ideally getting up to weeks of relief at a time. 


Dr. Oltman has undergone specialized training in order to administer these treatments safely and effectively. He uses them as a way to address aspects of pain that are non-orthopedic, or more nervous-system-based. He will generally recommend you see a mental health practitioner concurrently to help with integration. 


The IVs are done weekly for at least 4 weeks, then are spaced out more depending on the effect. Each IV lasts about 90-120 minutes. Music will be recommended and you will be given instructions leading up to your first session on how to prepare.


4-Pack of Infusions $1500

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